Summer is coming

I love blue color ... especially when the summer is coming.
Last year I got a rope of blue pearls from my friend
and now I found two pearls of the similar color, so I made the earrings...

 too tired to work as my son has had very high fever for several days,
I put those colors in my heart to the paper.

Art Journal -
collage, acrylics, permanent ink pen.

Mother’s Day

I am very lucky to have a grandmother, a mother and a mother-in-law.
I am a mother of three beautiful, active and so dear children. 
It is the most important role and the best feeling.
Happy Mother's Day for all mothers!

Art Journal-
collage, acrylics.

Royal Dream

Art Journal -
collage, acrylics, pencils, golden ink pen, black ink pen.


Art Journal -
collage, water colors,acrylics, pencils, permanent ink pen.

Forensic report

This crusade took the whole month and it could probably continue unless the due date hadn’t arrived. The forensic report  file should include everything there is to know about that person. The hard thing is that at this point I don’t have enough time to think about myself – what I really like, who am I or who I want to be… I did my best. This was the first step in finding myself … I hope … 🙂

This journal is made of one Jewelry catalog that I got last year in Norway – I covered the pages with acrylic paints last April and so it waited till this month.


Still snowing outside, although the days are longer and the sun brighter…

24×30,5 cm acrylics, permanent ink pen,
colored pencils

Spring in my heart

It seems that the soul craves colors and if that yearning gets on paper  then you may never be quite sure how this will be resolved …

Initially the paper was covered with tissues, which was then freely coated with acrylics. Then came a moment to look … to follow the lines and colors which the eye distinguished and interpreted  …

For a moment I thought that I will not add more colors …

… But then I found that the idea is to practice, to study different techniques and materials. So I took the photo of it and continued with the colors – now I used some bronze and white pen, metallic- and traditional color pencils …


Is it stubbornness, pride, longing, beauty, voluptuousness, thoughtfulness, or satisfaction or something entirely different  … everyone sees it differently…