First attempts

I have been restless, for some time now…  I feel, that I want to paint, but being kind of perfectionist, I don’t know where to start and if I would be any good in this…

Last year I have discovered mixed media art that involves collage. I have made one collage years ago when I finished high school. I made one A3- sized painting that included photos of each classmate as a present for our teacher.  It came out ok, but as I had only one day to do that then it was far from perfect. However, it is still hanging on my teachers’ wall so the mission was completed :-).

One week ago, after visiting my doctor and cafeteria with my 3-year old daughter, we went to the hobby shop and since I sold my first shawl, I had money to buy acrylic paints, rubber stamps, ink pads, small canvases etc. to start experimenting with mixed media techniques.

My first attempt was made with acrylic gel medium to transfer one magazine image – an image of giraffe. It was fun. First I covered the canvas with white gesso and then painted with green satin acrylic paint. Image transfer was easier then I thought, although it came out, that green underground was not the best choice, however I played with it and the final result is here:

It is quite childish, I admit, but I think I will make a journal cover of it for one of my children (which means I need to do another similar painting for my other child 🙂 )


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