It is (not) all about the size

Yesterday I happened to read iHanna’s blog (that is absolutely something that I recommend to everyone) where she described how it is to paint on a brown paper….  Just a day ago I found one paper bag from the pile of junk-mail and now, inspired by Hanna I decided to try it out. In addition I had some old wine boxes that I cut smaller. First I painted these with black gesso and then I let my hand to decide what to do …. First, the smaller (9.5×7.5cm) one was made. I used white pencil, white Uniball Signo pen, white gesso and pink acrylic paint.

Then I started to follow my hand on a gesso-covered paper bag (cut in half (19.5×14.5cm) so the other half will be used next time) and quite similar painting came out. This time in addition to the white pen and pink color, rubber stamp, blue and satin green acrylic paints were used with dry brush.

Now I found out that this process fits with the  Step on the Scale project that Hanna described in her blog post.  My pages will start my very first art journal that I hope to go on with now. Definitely I will try to follow the next GPP Street Team Crusades… will see how it goes with my two active kids plus one who is active in my growing belly …


15 responses to “It is (not) all about the size

  • iHanna

    Welcome to the crusades then! It is so great that my post inspired you to paint and doodle too. Collect some more papers and you’ll have a great art journal to work in. Don’t forget to join the team by posting your link over there if you haven’t done that already. 🙂

  • Michelle Ward

    Helena – yay! Glad you found the team by way of our friend Hanna. Bravo for getting started right away – and showing us two sizes of matching art. Yay for embarking on a journal. Yay for widening our circle of friends to Estonia! And Yay for the new life you are carrying!

  • Jane

    Thanks for sharing your new journals with us. I absolutely LOVE the black gesso, it is a wonderful contrast for the delicate portrait drawings.

  • TJ

    Wow black gesso is cool! I am a fan of Hanna’s blog as well and have just done my first crusade. I love re-using recycled papers. We call that “upcycling” instead of “re-cycling” because you “upgrade” the paper into something more or better! Like your beautiful wine boxes… happy creations from tj in germany (I think “ehe” in German is “spouse” I only live here, not a fluent speaker yet! 😉

  • ehelena

    Thank you Jane and TJ! Black gesso IS cool! Black has been my favorite color for a long time. (eHe is coming from my name and country as well He= Helena , e= Estonia)

  • aztecmichelle

    Gorgeous sketches / paintings. The black gesso looks amazing – I had heard about it before but hadn’t seen it in action. Welcome to the Crusades.

  • lisa

    lovely work and i love seeing the two sizes side by side.

  • Brigitte

    Black gesso, another thing I never tried … And you inspired me, you’re art looks wonderful !

  • Helen

    Great to see your work, love the paintings. I love Hanna’s blog too! Helen

  • fabricfan

    That black gesso is so neat. Love your drawings.

  • inge bekaert

    Hello Helena,

    nice to see you don’t need special papers and that you can create something colorful with plain paper, paint and pens !
    Enjoy your pregnancy and I wish you a healthy baby !

    greetings from Belgium

  • Cath Sheard

    Nice to meet you through the Crusades. I love all the white you have used, it really pops on the black. Hope baby is growing well…

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