Midnight art

Since my last post I have been restless – haven’t had a chance or “right” feeling to paint. I also need to finish my next Haapsalu shawl, which will be black this time and this means it is kind of depressing :).

However, yesterday when I went to bed early (23.45) I noticed those pictures from my last post. I took those together with white pencil, silver and cold pens (Uniball Signo and Scneider 271) that were just on the cupboard and went to bed. Then I started to doodle with white pencil to the backsides of my big and small art-sheets (also covered with black gesso). First I did the smaller one. There where two higher areas next to each other (from the action of tearing this peace from the old wine-box) and I felt there are two options – to draw fence-posts … or to draw bugs. Well, I chose a bug and then it kind of happened that next to it  appeared a face of a man.

Then I took the backside of the bigger page (paper bag actually, as you can see when you look closer) and my hand draw a plant. It is so fun to let your hand to move on the paper the way it wants to go.

So, there they were: a man and a bug on one and a plant on another sheet. Then I found my silver and cold pens … and so it went – silver plant and golden man & bug… my midnight art…

I’ll include these to the  CRUSADE No. 40 ~ Step on the Scale.


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