GRIDS of the SUMMER of 2010

Firstly, I wish to thank all of you for visiting my blog and for leaving so many kind comments of my work. Mixed media art is quite new to me and to receive positive feedback is very important and inspiring. Thank you!

CRUSADE No. 41 ~ Grid Lock – When the theme of that crusade was announced I knew exactly what I will do…. It did not go like planned….

Last month we moved from Norway (where we lived a little more than a year) back to Estonia that meant lots of packing and overtaking mess. There wasn’t much time for art-projects and on top of that I forgot all my materials (except the box with paints and stamps) home when we traveled  to the other side of Estonia to my parent’s country-house.

Therefor the original ideas for my grids changed. The theme of these grids is the summer of 2010.

Both grids have watercolor bases – one reminding the sun and the sand while the other one is inspired of the blue-blue sky and the sea. Size of the  holes of the grids is 3 x 3 cm.

First one is an overview of our summer and therefor it is not finished as I’m planning to add some notes of the top events of this summer. It has the colors and images that gives that special feeling of the summer.

Second one contains the images of smells, senses, memories and necessary compounds of the summer. It is  weaved in a way I used to do last time in the kindergarten.

Three days ago we went for a car-trip (I was driving after 12 years) and … :

Sääre lighthouse – it found a place in my grid.

And I found an interesting photo:

– we are growing… 🙂


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