Autumn – Crusade no.44

Everything, everything is new in September – begins one Estonian children poem… so it is…

Our little one was born on 27th of August, so there are three kids in our lives now and this is absolutely wonderful!

Crusade no.44 was very interesting project for me – I have never tried to paint without brushes or pens and to randomly mix colors – it needs somewhat more emotional strength as usual as there is no control over the outcome.

Yesterday, when my little one was having his nap I took some acrylic paints and started to cover one page. It was interesting to observe how different is the result if you slide the card with some paint from left to right or when you do it from up to down.

Here is the workplace right after finishing:

Strangely, this project went fast and wasn’t messy at all!

It was hard to capture the right colors with my camera – mostly because of the “satin green” color that is shining a lot.

There are even some hidden hearts in this mess 🙂 And some white fingerprints…

About the colors – here is the uninspiring photo of the uninspiring view with inspiring autumn colors (taken from my window):


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