Catching the moment

At first there was a collage:

Then, it was standing a little bit … and then came the acrylic background….then it stood still a pretty long time ….
waited until the last night at 1 am, when I waited when Rasmus (my 5.5 month old son) wakes up to eat and found that this picture needs to be recorded … but the camera was  in the office at work … but there was that painted background …. and so I took a pencil and sketched a vision …. in quite dark room …
In the morning I took the pens and the watercolors, and it all became much more colorful:

So this is also an evidence page of the moment on Valentine’s Day on 2011 – see Crusade No. 48. It wasn’t planned … (I already thought that I will not attend in this crusade – I guess I am unconsciously addicted … 🙂 )

I printed this on a photo paper and it became a fabulous Valentine’s card for my husband’s parents …


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