Forensic report

This crusade took the whole month and it could probably continue unless the due date hadn’t arrived. The forensic report  file should include everything there is to know about that person. The hard thing is that at this point I don’t have enough time to think about myself – what I really like, who am I or who I want to be… I did my best. This was the first step in finding myself … I hope … 🙂

This journal is made of one Jewelry catalog that I got last year in Norway – I covered the pages with acrylic paints last April and so it waited till this month.


9 responses to “Forensic report

  • daisy

    It’s beautiful Helena. You’ve obviously spend a long time working on it & probably even more time thinking about what to do & what to include. Fab!

  • michelle ward

    Helena – I love clicking on the photos to see all the details. Love that you colored in the phrenology head – indicating all the facets of your creative mind. Lovely report. Love hearing that you couldn’t stop yourself from adding to it. Hope you’ll continue even after this deadline. Thanks for sharing with the team. It’s fun to see you and how you define yourself.

  • Karen

    No wonder you’ve only just finished – there is SO much lovely stuff here. I love what you have done.

    I would never have guessed your lovely journal started life as a jewellery catlalogue 🙂


  • Lay Hoon

    Such lovely journal you had made !!
    Love the clock image and your drawings.

  • Elena Nosyreva

    This is a great idea to make a whole journal! I like that you repurposed a catalog to make the journal, and that you added so many personal touches to your pages.

  • Nathalie

    Bravo! It is an awesome journal!

  • iHanna

    A small book is indeed perfect for this kind of “report” work, hehe. I ♥ your beautiful cover, you’ve put a lot of work into this one. What a treasure for the fututre you!

  • fabricfan

    I love what you did, all the painted backgrounds, such a wonderful book for you to enjoy.

  • Cath Sheard

    Wow! This is fantastic – you’ve ended up with something you can really treasure. Thanks for sharing all the detail photos with us. Love being able to see what really went into the pages.

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