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Forensic report

This crusade took the whole month and it could probably continue unless the due date hadn’t arrived. The forensic report  file should include everything there is to know about that person. The hard thing is that at this point I don’t have enough time to think about myself – what I really like, who am I or who I want to be… I did my best. This was the first step in finding myself … I hope … 🙂

This journal is made of one Jewelry catalog that I got last year in Norway – I covered the pages with acrylic paints last April and so it waited till this month.


Japanese cherry tree – Crusade no.43

Hello to all! I have to apologize for not attending in crusade no. 42, but I am still in here. This time with Crusade no. 43 I had a vision of a black and white text as a background and a branch of a Japanese cherry tree in the front. So I did, as a scientist, I had old Nature journals and I cut out several text pieces of different font. I clued these to my new art journal that I bonded just yesterday (see below), then I took a tea-bag to give these pages even “old” background.

Finally, the Japanese cherry tree was painted, in my own way 🙂

Well, I am quite happy with it – I didn’t even dare to look what others have done 🙂 I will do that as soon as I post mine.

As I mentioned, yesterday I had time to bind my Art Journal, finally!

Then I made one notebook to carry on with me in my handbag – so I can write/sketch down whenever something comes to my head:

And finally one baby-album that was ordered from me.

I have had a very productive weekend 🙂

Black and white

In Estonian internet craft community Isetegija there was a project “Black and white” where you had to use whatever technique you like as long it is black and white – no other colors were allowed.

As black has been my favorite color for a long time and white has also followed it, then I decided to join that project. I had a plan to do a journal for my shawls that would include photos of these and all calculations and descriptions of all calculations and materials. It happened, that I wasn’t able to do the journal on time, so I made one white felted box with black hand-stitched ornament:

Still, I needed the journal and so I finished that one too. Used 2.5 mm cardboard for covers that I painted with black gesso except the area for gel transfer that was painted white. I did the image transfer using printed photo of the pattern of my last shawl, then used some rubber-stamps and used coptic binding with white waxed thread. So, here it is:

My craftworld

Finally I got to the point where I felt that I need my  craft space in english.  I have actively done my craft work for about two years and now I am planning to open my etsy-shop, but there is still much to do.

I like to try different styles and techniques and I am still in the middle of finding myself. I guess this will be the lifelong learning experience.

I am doing  my craft along with the changes in the nature. Right now, when it is getting darker and colder more and more each day,  I find myself doing felting and knitting.

My latest passions are felted balls and Haapsalu laces. Of course I don’t make the snowball-like-balls just to bring winter emotions to my heart and decor, but I have some other clever ideas what to do with these.  Wait and see!

Black and white

There is also another love in my craft-life and it is making journals. One of my last journals was made for my husband for his notes about movies. First time I used rings for binding, but it is a good option for this notebook, as he can take pages off and also add new ones when necessary.


The other album is made for my dear friends who just got their second daughter. And this Japanese-style binding (with some modifications) seemed to work perfectly together with the cover. I must say that I love these papers I got from Panduro Hobby shop that I used for covers and inside.