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The Haapsalu Shawl

The Haapsalu Shawl is a traditional Estonian shawl that is extremely fine knitted although the yarn is 100% wool (extra fine).  It is so light and lacy that can be pulled through a finger ring. Haapsalu shawl consists three parts: a center section, a border and an edge which is knitted separately and sewn to the main part.

I finished my last shawls last month, but just this week I made my husband to make some photos of these (with me 🙂 ).

There are two of those – black and white. Both knitted according to traditional Haapsalu shawls.

As I couldn’t choose 1-2 photos, I present all of these:

“Sofia”, black, size: 180 x 75 cm, 100% Merino wool yarn, extra fine


“White Silvia”, white, size: 180 x 75 cm, 100% Merino wool yarn, extra fine

They are soft, elegant, warm and lacy.


It has been awhile…

… since my last entry…  I have to admit, that I have not yet opened my Etsy shop, however, it will be my goal for this year. There have been several reasons for that: not having a credit card (and as I live currently in Norway, I cannot get it before the end of this summer, I hope); finding out that as we have so many relatives, most of the things that were prepared for Etsy went to Santa’s bag; and the biggest influence for my lack of interest in creativity – I got pregnant and although this is my third time, it has been the  hardest …

It is going much better now – I have much more energy and have fond my creativity once again.  Mostly I have knitted Estonian national shawls called Haapsalu sall and now I have come to the point where I am ready to sell my shawls.

My knitted shawls and other things I have made can be found from my estonian blog.

My craftworld

Finally I got to the point where I felt that I need my  craft space in english.  I have actively done my craft work for about two years and now I am planning to open my etsy-shop, but there is still much to do.

I like to try different styles and techniques and I am still in the middle of finding myself. I guess this will be the lifelong learning experience.

I am doing  my craft along with the changes in the nature. Right now, when it is getting darker and colder more and more each day,  I find myself doing felting and knitting.

My latest passions are felted balls and Haapsalu laces. Of course I don’t make the snowball-like-balls just to bring winter emotions to my heart and decor, but I have some other clever ideas what to do with these.  Wait and see!

Black and white

There is also another love in my craft-life and it is making journals. One of my last journals was made for my husband for his notes about movies. First time I used rings for binding, but it is a good option for this notebook, as he can take pages off and also add new ones when necessary.


The other album is made for my dear friends who just got their second daughter. And this Japanese-style binding (with some modifications) seemed to work perfectly together with the cover. I must say that I love these papers I got from Panduro Hobby shop that I used for covers and inside.