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Summer is coming

I love blue color ... especially when the summer is coming.
Last year I got a rope of blue pearls from my friend
and now I found two pearls of the similar color, so I made the earrings...

 too tired to work as my son has had very high fever for several days,
I put those colors in my heart to the paper.

Art Journal -
collage, acrylics, permanent ink pen.

Mother’s Day

I am very lucky to have a grandmother, a mother and a mother-in-law.
I am a mother of three beautiful, active and so dear children. 
It is the most important role and the best feeling.
Happy Mother's Day for all mothers!

Art Journal-
collage, acrylics.

… so this was Christmas

My evidence pages for Crusade no.47-It’s a wrap include:

1) Journal page “Christmas 2010” (Jõulud 2010) with all the names who a) come to our Christmas party (20 people this time), b) are our closest relatives/friends we see between the Christmas and The New Year’s eve.

2) Tags – on one of them I wrote down the main events that took place on 2010; on one tag are all the things we got and all the things we gave as a present, but then I mixed some colors and got that wonderful blue color and painted it over because it is Christmas, and it’s all about Santa 🙂

3) Samples of the wrapping papers.

4) A map where is the road (Tartu-Pärnu-Ruhve ) about 300 km we take every year to visit our families.

5) A sample of the lace I bought for my new table top.

It was hard to keep these as evidence pages instead of process pages.


My art

There are several artists who I  admire,  some from the past like Claude Monet, Amandus Adamson etc. , …. but recently I am fond of Estonian painters who are active right now. My favorite painter is a wonderful woman Epp-Maria Kokamägi whose painting is on my living-room wall (got it as a present from my parents when I got my PhD)  – I love the colors and themes she is using… angels… Then there is another painter Pille Tammela who is painting very adorable little trolls – we have one painting on our wall as well next to an angel. Then there are graphics from Külliki Järvila … I have several hanging on my walls (two of them have dragons on them 🙂 ).

Living together with mystic creatures …  you would think that I am painting unicorns … well, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea…, but mostly I find myself painting faces, expressions of the emotions. I am painting to the sketchbook or notebook with a black pen. There is one that is painted on the stretched canvas 20×20 cm with acrylics that will be framed soon  (I hope – I collect money for a really good frame), but right now it is standing and waiting on the table in our home-office/studio.

This post is a part of a next Crusade no.46 – thank you Michelle for such  inspiration … and motivation 🙂