Catching the moment

At first there was a collage:

Then, it was standing a little bit … and then came the acrylic background….then it stood still a pretty long time ….
waited until the last night at 1 am, when I waited when Rasmus (my 5.5 month old son) wakes up to eat and found that this picture needs to be recorded … but the camera was  in the office at work … but there was that painted background …. and so I took a pencil and sketched a vision …. in quite dark room …
In the morning I took the pens and the watercolors, and it all became much more colorful:

So this is also an evidence page of the moment on Valentine’s Day on 2011 – see Crusade No. 48. It wasn’t planned … (I already thought that I will not attend in this crusade – I guess I am unconsciously addicted … 🙂 )

I printed this on a photo paper and it became a fabulous Valentine’s card for my husband’s parents …


Time to fly

It has been terrrribly hard time here during past month – children were continuously ill and I got a flu (I have not been so ill since I was 5 years old). And I am so grateful to my husband’s parents – mom who lived in my place to take care of me and children since my husband is working abroad.  So many thanks to my parents as well who drove 300 km to take care of us for several days.

Well, with these emotions it is necessary to heal your mental health and what is better way to do that than making art.

This time I was experimenting. I had 4 pages from my art journal to cover with collages.

Here are the first two of these:

Then these pages were covered with acrylics (+ ribbon) on the left page:

The Angel:

The Fairy:

I personally love the backgrounds …

… so this was Christmas

My evidence pages for Crusade no.47-It’s a wrap include:

1) Journal page “Christmas 2010” (Jõulud 2010) with all the names who a) come to our Christmas party (20 people this time), b) are our closest relatives/friends we see between the Christmas and The New Year’s eve.

2) Tags – on one of them I wrote down the main events that took place on 2010; on one tag are all the things we got and all the things we gave as a present, but then I mixed some colors and got that wonderful blue color and painted it over because it is Christmas, and it’s all about Santa 🙂

3) Samples of the wrapping papers.

4) A map where is the road (Tartu-Pärnu-Ruhve ) about 300 km we take every year to visit our families.

5) A sample of the lace I bought for my new table top.

It was hard to keep these as evidence pages instead of process pages.


My art

There are several artists who I  admire,  some from the past like Claude Monet, Amandus Adamson etc. , …. but recently I am fond of Estonian painters who are active right now. My favorite painter is a wonderful woman Epp-Maria Kokamägi whose painting is on my living-room wall (got it as a present from my parents when I got my PhD)  – I love the colors and themes she is using… angels… Then there is another painter Pille Tammela who is painting very adorable little trolls – we have one painting on our wall as well next to an angel. Then there are graphics from Külliki Järvila … I have several hanging on my walls (two of them have dragons on them 🙂 ).

Living together with mystic creatures …  you would think that I am painting unicorns … well, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea…, but mostly I find myself painting faces, expressions of the emotions. I am painting to the sketchbook or notebook with a black pen. There is one that is painted on the stretched canvas 20×20 cm with acrylics that will be framed soon  (I hope – I collect money for a really good frame), but right now it is standing and waiting on the table in our home-office/studio.

This post is a part of a next Crusade no.46 – thank you Michelle for such  inspiration … and motivation 🙂

Crusade no. 45 – Just thinking…

In the beginning … there was this image:

Then there were two, but one turned upside down creating a new complete view:

When you have a companion it is so much easier to go on, to move up with just a little touch  or a tiny step:

Yet, there are too many priceless emotions, connections and values that we still want to mark with the price-tag:

Sometimes you want to see the things from the distance… :

… and sometimes it becomes overwhelming:

Then there is the Earth … :

These thoughts were visualized due to Crusade no.45 – Back to Back, many thanks to all crusaders!

Autumn – Crusade no.44

Everything, everything is new in September – begins one Estonian children poem… so it is…

Our little one was born on 27th of August, so there are three kids in our lives now and this is absolutely wonderful!

Crusade no.44 was very interesting project for me – I have never tried to paint without brushes or pens and to randomly mix colors – it needs somewhat more emotional strength as usual as there is no control over the outcome.

Yesterday, when my little one was having his nap I took some acrylic paints and started to cover one page. It was interesting to observe how different is the result if you slide the card with some paint from left to right or when you do it from up to down.

Here is the workplace right after finishing:

Strangely, this project went fast and wasn’t messy at all!

It was hard to capture the right colors with my camera – mostly because of the “satin green” color that is shining a lot.

There are even some hidden hearts in this mess 🙂 And some white fingerprints…

About the colors – here is the uninspiring photo of the uninspiring view with inspiring autumn colors (taken from my window):

Japanese cherry tree – Crusade no.43

Hello to all! I have to apologize for not attending in crusade no. 42, but I am still in here. This time with Crusade no. 43 I had a vision of a black and white text as a background and a branch of a Japanese cherry tree in the front. So I did, as a scientist, I had old Nature journals and I cut out several text pieces of different font. I clued these to my new art journal that I bonded just yesterday (see below), then I took a tea-bag to give these pages even “old” background.

Finally, the Japanese cherry tree was painted, in my own way 🙂

Well, I am quite happy with it – I didn’t even dare to look what others have done 🙂 I will do that as soon as I post mine.

As I mentioned, yesterday I had time to bind my Art Journal, finally!

Then I made one notebook to carry on with me in my handbag – so I can write/sketch down whenever something comes to my head:

And finally one baby-album that was ordered from me.

I have had a very productive weekend 🙂